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Title: C++20 and its Standard Library
in German
Audiance: Software developers, programmers
Format: Inhouse workshop with excercises
Background: Programming in C++
Duration: 1 or 2 days

C++20 is the brand new release of C++ and is currently implemented by major compilers.

C++20 is huge. It will change the way we program more than C++11 did. As usual, not everything is self-explanatory, combining new features gives even more power, and there are hidden traps. So, the key question is what this means in practice.

This training presents all major language and library features of C++20. It covers the motivation and context of each new feature with examples and background information. The focus is on how these features impact day-to-day programming, what it means to combine them, and how to benefit from C++20 in practice.

As a well-known expert of C++, author of several books and an active member of the C++ standardization committee, Nicolai Josuttis will provide this training with a lot of background information. You will understand the new language features and libraries and the benefit of modern C++ to understand and be prepared for a switch to C++17 in commercial software systems.

  • C++20 in General
  • Spaceship Operator
  • Generic Functions
  • Concepts and Requirements
  • Ranges and Views (incl. Spans)
  • Modules
  • Coroutines
  • New Concurrency Features (jthread, stop tokens, barriers, semaphores, latches)
  • Formatted output library
  • Chrono extensions
  • New Compile-Time Features (constinit, consteval, compile time new/strings/vectors)
  • Other small Features

Nicolai M. Josuttis is an well-known international author, trainer, speaker, and expert of C++.

He has written several books on object-oriented programming and C++, including the including the best selling de-facto standards The C++ Standard Library - A Tutorial and Reference, C++ Templates - The Complete Guide, C++17 - The Complete Guide, C++20 - The Complete Guide, and C++ Move Semantics - The Complete Guide.

He is an active member of the C++ Standard Committee since 1996.


In English, this tutorial is only available as inhouse training. Public German trainings are available.


Contact Nicolai Josuttis
Tel.: +49 531 129 8886

Of course, the tutorial can get customized according to your needs. Especially combined with Modern C++ or a C++ Workshop.

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